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Hello Visitor , Thank You for visiting our Website www.bondhu.in 

Who We are ? 

We are WISDOM APPS INDIA a website and Android App development Farm situated at Nadia, West Bengal . We are working on various projects . Our Most popular Apps are " Bangla Calendar HD " , " WB JOB Mock Test " , " Indian Law in Bengali " , " Daily GK " , " Rashifal Bangla" etc.  Our Team Has 11 Members working hard to provide you the most wonderful reading experience through this website. what we are providing through this site is a complete way of right and verified information . Our Goal is to search various books and provide you the best information available around the globe. Books are our best friend and the knowledge collected from books are best of the best. Our mission is to read these books and simplify the language and present the whole topic in much easy way and lucid language to the reader.  We hope you get some help from our work and do share our posts.

Why We have Created this Website ? 

 " Bondhu "  is a Bengali word , it means Friend . So our website is your virtual friend in this world of false information. We the general public and the internet generation are deeply attached to web portals , apps, websites , videos and much more. Hence in search of true knowledge we face wrong information. Our aim is to provide true and unique content to engage you with the real knowledge.

What will you Get from this Website ? 

We have almost covered these news and information regarding Indian Laws. Daily updated news of various laws and Govt Orders. We also provide Court orders and alert you with many suggestions .
What are the topics we are working on and you will get in near future.. 
Here are they 
→ Various destinations to visit , Route , approx cost , what to see 
→ Weekly Horoscope forecast 
→ Many recipes with details
→ Inspirational Bengali quotes of famous people 
→ various health related issues 
→ Many updates about Tech and Science 
→ Stories of many famous People in simple language 
→ More and more 
User friendly interface . Easy Bengali reading . this is the perfect friendly website for most essential information you need. 

Do We have an Android APP ? 

Yes We Do. We proud to Say that "Bondhu App "  in Playstore . Our Dedicated Team Has build this app and we are working hard to make it better. 

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